Manerba is one of the most interesting towns in the Valtenesi area. Divided into six hamlets (Solarolo, Montinelle, Balbiana, Pieve, Crociale and Gardoncino) it has lots of attractions. One of the most famous is the Natural Park La Rocca with 400 sorts of vegetation and 21 species of orchids, some of which are very unique. Well known is also the San Biagio island more commonly know as Isola dei Conigli (Rabbit island)

Manerba's green hills with its olive trees and vineyards offer a pleasant panorama. It offers a holiday with a lot of opportunities: historical, artistic,archaeological, nature, wine and food trails, bicycle paths and spaces to relax and enjoy. In Manerba there are a lot of churches with frescos which give witness to its religious and artistic traditions. Through excavation, emerged the structure of one of the most important castles in the Brescia area during the Middle Ages. To celebrate Manerba's past, the Archaeological Museum of Valtenesi shows the presence of  human settlements in  the late Neolithic age.

Among Manerba's beauties are the 12 Kilometre beaches that offer a variety of trails always with views of the lake, the mountains and the green fields.

The Romantica beach is the longest and better known in Manerba but there are also those of Pisenze, Sasso, Dusano and San Sivino. Each beach has its own features and are the most sought after due to their all day long sunny position. The pebble beaches surround La Rocca and give opportunities for long walks and bicycle rides and offer views of both the blue lake on one side and green fields on the other.Near the beach of Romantica, bars, restaurants and shops gurantee a comfortable holiday. For a sporty holiday the beach "Sasso" deep in the Natural Park "La Rocca", offers paths and climbing routes - perfect to discover the natural local beauty and landscape. The Dusano beach has a romantic and special charm due to the old small marina, loved by the local fishermen, the wide view of the Sirmione peninsula, the Monte Baldo and the Veronese mountains as well as the backdrop  of the large rock and evocative waterfall Rio.

There are numerous possibilities to try local products: olive oil, wine, lake fish, vegetables, truffles and honey. Throughout the year the various shows and exhibitions offer more value for tourists: Carnivals, the internationl classical music festival "Armonie sotto La Rocca",  local produce markets, food and wine festivals and sport events.