Soiano rises on the hills of Valtenesi, a town with cypress and ancient oaks and splendid lake views. Soiano offers a good selection of accommodation and cultural and amusement possibilities, exhibitions, shows and concerts during the summer period.

The economy of the town is linked to wine production (even the logo of the town has a wine vat), olive trees and grains and the exploration of the landscape, restaurants and local farms. In the summer period there are many festivals focused on local products. One of the most important is the San Rocco Festival in Mid August and the Patron festival on the last Sunday of September.

In the past a number of churches were built and which house many important works of art. In the main church, built between the years 500 and 600, admire canvases by Celesti and Bertanza and even a Baroque organ with wood and gold carvings. In the hamlet Chizzoline the Church dates back to the year 600 and is certainly worth a visit.

Soiano origins date back to the Bronze Age and which has been confirmed by the type of foundations found in the hamlet Chizzoline. The name of  the town Soiano comes from the latin "Solis lanua" which means "Door of the Sun". The presence of Roman inscribed marble and the finding of old remains can be traced all the way back to the Roman Age.

Soiano, along the entire Valtenesi, suffered a series of invasions and dominations: the most remarkable beeing the Hungarian invasion when the majority of the monuments were destroyed. After the Hungarians left the area, the Castle of Soiano was built. From the tower of the castle there is a wonderful view of Lake Garda. On the site of the ancient tower, the Bell Tower was erected in the XIII century. In the summer period the Castle hosts shows, plays and historic remembrance events.