Valtenesi is situated on the Brescian cost of Lake Garda  composed of  a variety of hills descending to the shore of Lake Garda from Padenghe in the south to Salò gulf in the north. The towns of Padenghe del Garda, Moniga del Garda, San Felice del Benaco, Puegnago sul Garda, Polpenazze del Garda and Soiano del Lago make up this wonderful region.

Valtenesi is place of touristic interests thanks to its beaches, the intense blue water of the lake, the beautiful sceneries, views and the friendly locals.
The area has lots of facilities giving the possibility  to practice activities such as sailing, windsurfing, kytesurfing, wakeboarding, rowing, scuba diving,horse riding, cycling, fishing, hiking, golf, paintball, football, tennis and beach volley.

A land of vineyards, olive trees, paths and dirt tracks, Valtenesi has many antique villages and towns, villas, towers, medieval castles and churches all evidence of its past. The name Valtenesi has Greek origins (Vallis Atheniensis). Later it became land of the Romans, then of  the Scaligeri family (from Verona), Visconti (from Milan), venetian Republic and in the end the Reign of Italy.

Perfectly preseved,  the castles of Padenghe and Moniga where people still  live are now open to the public in the summer time with their summer shows. The castles of Soiano or Puegnago have larger towers that overlook the villages. The Religoius architectural features are of : Romanesque,Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. And inside there are quite a number of frescos and paintings of admirable Italian artists dating back to the years 500 and 600.

Vegetation is tipically Mediterranean thanks to the mild weather of Lake Garda. The weather helps to grow quality vineyards (Rosso, Rosso Superiore, Bianco, Chiaretto and Groppello) and olive trees which produce a full-bodied olive oil. On the hills there are a lot of different species of truffles, especially the rare white truffle. Valtenesi is also a producer of grappa. All these products can be bought directly at the producers' farms and also in the markets organized every week. These products along with polenta, lake fish and tasty soups are Valtenesi' s large gastronomical offer.

The Valtenesi area has always been dedicated to hosting. Nowadays Valtenesi has come a long way in improving and integrating its traditions, typical products, environment and superb touristic resources.