Puegnago del Garda is set in the hills of the Valtenesi and it has a fantastic view of the Lake and  Monte Baldo. The environment is ideal for people looking for some tranquility and to taste local food cooked with ancient recipes using products of the land: olive oil, wine, honey and reputed grappas.

The town Puegnago is composed by six hamlets: Castello, where the Town Hall is situated, Mura, Palude, Monteacuto, Raffa and S. Quirico. It is possible to discover its beautiful landscape by long walks, horse rides and bike rides.

The landscape of Puegnago is colourful: fields of vineyards, olive trees and green fields. Being set on the hills of  Valtenesi Puegnago has a special climate: mild in every season, reasonably dry and breezy. Walking towards S. Quirico stumble across the small lakes, Laghetti di Sovenigo, where it is possible to admire wonderful water lilies and lotus' in the months of July and August. Nature offers its colours in different occasions: poplars, willow trees and olive trees give the colour green in its many shades along with the spring and summer flowers both with delicate and vibrant colours. In the Autumn the main colours are red, copper and shades of yellow.

In the old hamlets there are works of art and evocative corners: in the hamlet Castello stands the Tower with its bell dating back to 1827. This Bell Tower is inside the  castle. The castle itself has rectangular shaped towers. The walls of the castle follow the irregular  shape of the land upon which it is built.

Through the hamlets of Puegnano there are quite a few small churches that contain works of art. These churches are in Mura, Palude and in Raffa, a chapel in Monteacuto. The  "Tower Colombera" is an historic building with a rectangular floor plan.